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Our Staff

Marie-Josee Galisson

Owner and A.M.I certified teacher 

Like many Montessori teachers I discovered the Montessori pedagogy through my children. I had the chance to start this career as a parent. An exceptional parenting class took me to the Montessori philosophy.

I am an insatiable learner. And learning about child development is one of my passion. 

I hold a diploma from A.M.I - certified training center of Institut Superieur Maria Montessori (France/Lyon).

I also hold  Master degree in European Studies : Economics, Politics and european institutions and law - University of Franche-Comte (France/Besancon) 

In my free time, I spend quality time with my 2 children (Tais, 8 year old and Trystan-Elliot 3 year old) playing, hiking and enjoying outdoor activities.

What is a A.M.I certified teacher

The AMI diploma is respected worldwide as a representation of achievement in a teacher-training program of quality, integrity, and authenticity and is earned through successful completion of an intensive training program conducted by an AMI trainer.


These dedicated master teachers have participated in a rigorous Training of Trainers Program and possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of Montessori principles and applications.

Most are also consultants and lecturers for Montessori events worldwide. The comprehensive training includes educational theory and child developmental psychology, classroom observation, practice teaching, and material preparation. All AMI training courses must meet rigorous standards both in content and teaching staff.

An AMI diploma can lead to a career as a teacher at Montessori private and public schools around the world, a Montessori school administrator or owner, or an AMI consultant or trainer.



"Thank you for your professionalism and intense dedication you bring to our classroom everyday. We are all benefiting from your  presence ."

Head of school – Former employer

"What a blessing you are for the children and our whole school! Every time I come into the classroom, the children are so peaceful. Your calming presence does so much for them. I`m looking forward to many years working together." Former colleague

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